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AELTC Proposals - Closing Date for Objections (LBW) is now 5th November

Urgent Notice to Granville & Wimbledon Park Rd Residents: The Wimbledon Tennis (AELTC) Parkland Project

The date for objections has been extended to 5th Nov 2021

The AELTC propose a massive building project on protected Metropolitan Open Land, the urban equivalent of the Green Belt. The project will take 8 -10 years to complete with huge numbers of heavy construction traffic mostly coming from the A3 and East and West along the Wandsworth one way system. Many lorries will enter into Granville and Wimbledon Park Road, travelling south towards Southfields tube and on towards Church Road! Estimates on the AELTC Application (Transport, Chapter 8, Construction,) are between 19-27 HGVs (over 3.5 tons) and up to 54 LGVs (under 3.5 tons) a day during some parts of the project. That is between 2- 4 trucks an hour from Oct 2022 – Aug 2029. Some of this will be outside normal working hours to reduce traffic delays but disrupting the sleep of residents along the routes instead. A summary of the main points to cover can be found on the Southfields Grid Residents Association website southfieldsgrid.org.uk.
Look for ‘Updates on the AELTC Project 03/06/21’ to find the Grid leaflet called ‘Do You Want This?’

Please submit your objections by email: Ref 2021/3609 to planning@wandsworth.gov.uk

It is worth sending your objection into Merton as they are still accepting but have not given an end date. Ref 21/P2900 planning.representations@merton.gov.uk

Merton sold the land to AELTC so why should Wandsworth Residents suffer from the construction traffic? So much for ULEZ, Southfields air quality by the tube is above the WHO safe limits already. In addition, the Parkland Project does not sit well with the Climate and Ecological Emergency either.

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