Welcome to the official site for residents of the Triangle area in Southfields, SW18

No Cold Calling Zone

No Cold Calling Zones are primarily designed to tackle crime arising from doorstep callers, bogus workmen, high pressure sales people, bogus officials and distraction burglary. Whilst this type of criminal behaviour can impact anybody in any place, older people or those with learning difficulties are particularly vulnerable, especially those living alone. The typical victim is an elderly female living alone.

The Triangle Residents’ Association implemented, with the help of Wandsworth Council a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ a number of years ago within the original Triangle streets. The Association is working with Wandsworth Council to ensure that all streets within the newly expanded area will benefit from being part of a No Cold Calling Zone, this is currently being implemented.

How the Zone helps

No Cold Calling Zones give communities the confidence to say ‘No’ to uninvited sales people. They deter cold callers as they are usually reluctant to operate in areas where residents have been made aware of their legal rights, neighbours feel empowered to speak on behalf of each other to turn callers away, residents are more likely to take details of vehicles or ID used by cold callers for later identification and residents have a single point of contact number in the form of their street representative of the association for reporting any callers. The zone boundaries are identified by street signage and all residents are given stickers to display at their front doors to give cold callers a clear indication that they are not welcome. If you require a sticker then please contact your local street representative.

What to do if somebody cold calls

Whilst No Cold Calling Zones have no force in law, the scheme is designed to provide householders the confidence to say “No” and direct the cold caller out of the area. If you do experience a ‘Cold Caller’ then please explain to them that they are in a No Cold Calling Zone and that residents within this area do not buy from doorstep sellers. The advantage of this is that it is less confrontational and doesn’t need anything further to be said, you can simply close the door at this stage.

Ideally, we would like you to report cold callers to your local street representative in order that we can act on this. We would like to follow up on any cold callers so as much information that you can ascertain at the time will be most helpful. If you require any further information relating to this please do contact your street representative.