Welcome to the official site for residents of the Triangle area in Southfields, SW18

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Contacting your committee member

The Residents’ Association committee is made up of voluntary members each of whom are the designated contacts for their particular street. Some roads within the Triangle have more than one contact and some may not have one depending on volunteer levels at the time.

The association has recently been revived after a brief pause and it needs people to volunteer to be the designated contact for their street.

If you would be interested in being the designated contact for your street, please email: southfields.email@gmail.com

General enquiries

There’s also a full list of the committee members on the Committee Members page.

Your Triangle contacts

While we get back up and running, please send all enquiries to: southfields.email@gmail.com

The Southfields Triangle Association has recently been restarted after a brief pause.

Due to the current crisis, we are delaying many of our restart activities in order to enable people to focus their time and effort on supporting existing support groups and organisations.

However, the crisis will be over at some point and we would like to be ready to get fully up and running at that time. If you would be interested in getting involved or have suggestions for what you would like the association to do including, for example, what you would have liked/expected the association to be doing during the current crisis, please email: southfields.email@gmail.com